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The Common Ills
The violence never ends
The violence never ends Kim Willsher (Guardian) announces France has joined in the bombing of Iraq. BBC News notes, "A statement said planes had attacked an IS depot in north-east Iraq, and there would be more raids in the coming days. The US has carried out more than 170 air strikes against the jihadist group in Iraq since mid-August." It's like the early days of The Drone War -- no one talks about civilians killed. No, instead they all pretend that there are precision bombings and, magically, these bombs only kill 'evil' people while protecting the 'good.' All Iraq News reports: The Supreme Religious Authority called the political leaders to be aware to avoid harming the national sovereignty through the foreign support that aims at fighting the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant terrorists. AP notes a Baghdad bombing killed 8 people today. National Iraqi News Agency notes it was a car bomb in central Baghdad and that, in... (more)

Toddler Ambal Bath
In the process of raising my girls, I am blessed with day-to-day moments of spiritual insight. When I deck them up in silks, when I braid and adorn their hair with jasmine flowers, when I teach them shlokas, when I cook or bake with them, at times even when the three of us dance to mindless Bollywood music - at those moments I feel a completeness - both as a mother and as a soul. But the outstanding moment has to be when I give my toddler Ambal a bath. When I massage her head with Sesame oil as I sing Gowri Kalyanam, then use Kasthuri Manjal and Kadalai Maavu to gently scrub her baby skin and pour water on her like an Abhishekam, I feel a renewed fullness. Sometimes my eyes well up in happy tears. I sing Kalankah Kasthuri, a shloka from Adi Shankaracharya's Soundaryalahari as I dry her, dress her up, apply a bindi on her forehead, kajal on her eyes and finish off with a kiss! Kalankah kasthuri rajani-kara-bimbham jalamayam Kalabhih karpurair marakatha-karandam nibiditam; Athas... (more)

Dayang Senandung
MH370 Hilang ghaib, sekelip mata, di telan angkasa, tidak kembali, ke mana pergi, tiada jawapan, walau puas dicari, di lautan Hindi? di telan bumi? di ambil Illahi...pasti tiada yang tahu, atau buat-buat tak tahu... misteri

lives at stake!
With Congress failing to enact immigration reform, attention and pressure is now focused on what President Obama can do to address our broken immigration system. In June, the president announced, “I’m beginning a new effort to fix as much of our immigration system as I can on my own, without Congress.” Like everything else in Washington, the president’s plans have been caught up in politics. With the surge of migrant children at the U.S. border fostering misperceptions about border security, immigration has again become a hot-button issue in congressional races across the country. Given pressure from Democrats in tough races and the desire to depoliticize any administrative action, the White House announced the president would not be taking any steps until after the November elections. The political calculus is always changing, but the day-to-day worries and fears of family separation remain the same. Both Republicans and Democrats need to stop using... (more)

Sk:n Clinics
Sk:n Clinics
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